Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Squirrel Stalker

Careful when you feed squirrels! You feed a squirrel once and they won't leave you alone after that. They'll follow you everywhere and stalk your house. Cute right? At first it is. There was this crazy squirrel at my mom's house that used to come scratch at the front door so we would come out and give him food. We'd be looking out the window and the squirrel was right there in front of the door waiting. No sense of shame. I've said it a million times now. :lol:



thomasvickers said...

God Hep Me! I'm from WV and we used to eat the damn things! They're quite tasty if you don't look too close! It solves the stalking problem. God, I hope you're nt from "PETA"!..TV

kecute said...

OMG :lol: Taste like chicken, huh?

thomasvickers said...

No, but cats do!..TV