Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl XLII •VS• Puppy Bowl IV

It was Superbowl Sunday yesterday and we were watching the game at my parents' house, mainly because of the pools everyone had going on at work. I personally don't like football, it's boring to me...I was dozing off at times...and the halftime show had some old folks that I didn't know. I'm not into country, well, I can tolerate some Garth Brooks but that's it. Now the Puppy Bowl, that's something else! :lol: Animal Planet has been showing this for some years now and it's really cute. Basically, it's a bunch of puppies playing around in a mini football stadium, doing "puppy things". During the halftime show they take away the puppies and bring in a bunch of kitties for a kitty half-time show...and yeah, they do "kitty things". My hubby thinks it's dumb but I can actually watch up to 15 minutes of it! I'm also sure a bunch of drunk guys around the country switch the channel every now and then to take a peek, admit it! Anyway, you can take a look at the highlights on the Animal Planet web site.
Puppy Bowl Highlights


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