Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hamster Fight!

Fight! Fight! Fight! I feel like I'm back in Junior High when I see these two going at it. It's Lola picking on Lala. They get plenty of food and treats but Lola always wants the cookie that Lala's eating :roll: Needless to say, I separated them by putting up a glass divider.



piyoz said...

Nice photo! I love hamsters! :-) Can we exchange links! Thanks! I will add you to my blogroll now.

DollyPrincess said...

Hi Kecute! Long time.... I guess Lola is angry at Lala because they are both fighting over for Manolo. How's Manolo anyway?

I'm now at Radio Tv Malaysia doing my internship training for 10 weeks. Today is my 1st day. I had a bad starting day when I accidentally fell down when I was rushing to catch a ferry. Unlucky me :( I injured my palms.

But thank God, I made new friends already! :D They are great! Please wish for my luck, ok?

vanessa said...

süße hamster ich habe auch ein hamster genau so ein willcomen in clab hihi bye