Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I was wishing for 2007 to be over so I'm very happy that it's 2008 already. This year is going to be great, it's gonna bring many good things, you'll see. Well, I'm not going to be unfair, 2007 did bring some good things...and some CUTE things. Remember the Chihuahua with the heart on his side? OMG! I hope his owner keeps a bodyguard on him cuz I know a lot of people would love to take that little cutie home. Then there was the story about the baby monkey and the dove. A very unusual pair that became the sweetest of friends. And the tiger cubs afraid of chicks!!! This picture has been the most viewed on this blog. That picture could make the toughest of men go "awwww". Then there was the kitty cat playing xbox  :lol: and of course... Manolo! Yes, it all happened in 2007 so you can bet 2008 will be even better. Cheers everyone!



Anita Marie said...

The Monkey and the Dove was my favorite- now that was love.

homebodyhubby said...

on cool chicks and nervous tigers -- :lol: !!!