Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eternal Animal Friendship

Oscar and Arthur are the main characters in this sad, sad and touching story.  Oscar the dog and Arthur, a  17-year-old cat were the "bestest" of friends. They really loved each other! They loved each other so much that when Arthur passed away and went to kitty heaven, Oscar was inconsolable. The poor doggy missed his friend so much that he went to the backyard --where he saw his owners bury the cat-- and dug up Arthur's body. He then brought Arthur back in the house, cleaned him up and laid him in his basket where they used to sleep together. When their owners discovered this they were so moved that they decided to get Oscar a new kitty friend to ease his pain. Arthur was later buried in a more secure place.

So so sad, a bit creepy but very sad. I'm sure Oscar will never forget Arthur and no new kitty will ever replace him in Oscar's heart.



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