Monday, December 24, 2007

Hamster in Nativity Scene


homebodyhubby said...

OMG! i missed this on christmas! good thing i was still able to catch up!

(dunno if there's something wrong with my browser, the video is prematurely cut?)

so you have another hamster named Ivan! look at the "mess" he made, but still CUTE! you're really so creative... :)

Happy Holidays to you and your family, azu!!! :D :D

kecute said...

Hi homebodyhubby! nice to "see" you around. Actually it's not my video but I wanted to post it because it's pretty cute. Did you see how he walked over the baby Jesus... :lol:
Happy New Year! ;o)

homebodyhubby said...

oh! Ivan (and the video) is not yours. :oops: ...but I still say you are very creative. ;)

Yes! :lol: I watched the video once more, and I have seen the full length of it this time! I should have seen this before christmas and posted it too. hehe

Happy New Year! :D