Monday, November 26, 2007

Diary entry :)

Well, Thanksgiving was nice. We ate dinner with my parents mainly because I can't cook a turkey! :o) It was pretty good and we still have leftovers. The sales this Black Friday sucked. I'm not the kind to go wait in line at midnight anyway so I miss out on the few good items. Hubby went early in the morning to buy the Guitar Hero set. He left the house like at 4AM or way I was getting up that early to go shopping. It was still dark outside. I know, I sound like a party pooper but I just don't see the fun in a bunch of people fighting over parking and shopping carts that early in the morning. Then you get to the store and that set of knives that you wanted is gone...cuz they probably only had 5 sets. Who can really tell me they had more in the back? Well, it's over now. I did want a toaster from Carson's, value of $39 for $12! :( Oh well


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DollyPrincess said...

Nice teeth! This dog could be in the toothpaste commercials. Hehehehe :D