Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Two more robos!

We were at the pet store this weekend picking up some food for the tiels when all of sudden my daughter saw that they had brought in some roborovskis. After I bought Manolo at a different pet shop we looked everywhere for another robo and no one had any. This breed is hard to come by. Well, there they were and they were soooo tiny and cute that we decided to get 2. We named one Lola and the other Lala. At first they look like clones of Manolo but they do have their differences and we can tell them apart because Lola is more brownish and Lala is slightly grey. Manolo on the other hand is more of a blondie  :lol: Right now they're in a separate tank because Manolo is a full grown 6 month old and he's probably ready for love ;)





DollyPrincess said...

Welcome Lala & Lola!!! :D
Are they females?

kecute said...

Hi Dolly, yeah, they're both girls. At least that's what they said at the pet shop. I hope they're right.

brittany said...

my name is brittany im 11 years old and i just bought a nother robo hamester now i have a boy and a girl i just put them toghter and they fought if there bolth girls and there not from the same familey then they will kill each other they might also kill eacher other if the girl or boy is donimonit. im an expert on hamesters so be very carfel and wach them if you put tnhem togheter