Friday, October 12, 2007

Sooo NOT cute

Ok, so this is the ultimate in costumes and although it's not cute, it's still pretty funny :mrgreen:

What DOESN'T happen in Vegas? Turns out SuperGroom 2007 took place this October. People from all over the world, from as far as Malaysia and Australia came to enter in the contest of -apparently- who can humiliate their poodle the most. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle didn't win...he was robbed, I tell you! But he still managed to be the most popular. The owner named him Leonardoodle  :roll:
Grooming poodles into those balls is still cruel to me so I guess this Dogatello (get it? ;)   ) isn't so bad. At least he's famous now.

Si esto no es abuso animal entonces no sé qué es? Pero lo pongo porque gracioso es el perrín :o) Resulta que la humillación de su vida la tuvo este poodle que concursó en Las Vegas en el SuperGroom 2007, donde acudieron personas de todas partes del mundo. Aunque el Ninja Poodle no ganó, porque debió haber ganado, resultó ser el perro más popular del evento. Pobrecito Leonardoodle. Al menos ya tiene disfraz para Halloween.


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Therese Burkholder said...

this is great. love it. cant believe you didnt win. wish I could have been there. make a calander, please. really, this is great. Therese

kecute said...

Hi Therese, actually this isn't my dog/turtle but yeah, I can't believe it didn't win either. Poor thing! :lol:

Anonymous said...

HOW CRUEL IS THAT!!!! sorry you didnt win though.