Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Getting Ready for Halloween!

It's less than a month till Halloween is here. Manolo and I are ready with all our decorations and we decided to make the blog a Halloween blog for all of October. I hope you enjoy it! :D



DollyPrincess said...

I wonder how would you celebrate Halloween...because we don't celebrate it here in Malaysia. But I saw it on tv and read from R.L. Stine's novels on Halloween. It sounds exciting...especially the candies part. Anyway... love the new orange look...Kecute! :D

kecute said...

It's really fun! Most people decorate their houses to look scary and on Halloween kids go Trick-or-treating which is going door to door asking for candy. They dress up in cute and scary costumes and it's pretty nice to watch. Grown ups throw costume parties too. It's kind of hard for me to go to one of those parties cuz I have a little girl, but we take her trick-or-treating. :o) Hope u enjoy these pictures!

kjhlugyfgfitu said...

love the pics!