Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cat gets busted by cop



kecute said...

Hi there! thanks for visiting. I respect your opinion ;o) but most people love their animals very much, like if they were their own kids. That is why they spend the money and time celebrating Halloween with them. While dressing them up is for the owner's joy, it's not a bother for most pets. It depends on the animal and how well they know/trust you.

I had the sweetest rabbit (lived 6 yrs) and she allowed me to dress her up for halloween for a couple of pictures. She'd stay still, relaxed and she'd allow me dress her, she wouldn't run away. She knew that I would take the clothes off and she'd be alright. I tried this with another rabbit and she ripped the clothes off so I never tried it again with her.

I won't post videos of people laughing at how an animal hates a costume.

Venomclaw said...

Yeah dogs don't care there too unintelligent(not dumb) cats on the other hand will kill you