Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cockatiels in cage

Ok, I'd just like to say that I love my tiels very much and I know I don't post much about them but it's because they don't like the camera much. Flashes and zooms scare them so I don't take many pictures of them. They're nice and humble unlike Manolo who is starving for fame :D

This is Sinatra and the Yellow One in their cage. I usually take them out in the yard during the day and I put them in the porch where Sinatra sings all day and makes the neighbors mad.


DollyPrincess said...

They are gorgeous! How many pets do you actually have?

kecute said...

thanks Dolly I only have 3 pets, the tiels and manolo. Manolo is the only one I bought because the tiels were a gift from our neighbor. He had other tiels and he said these two didn't fit in the cage so he gave them to me. :o)