Monday, August 6, 2007

My two birdies, cockatiels

These are my two other pets. They are cockatiels (nymphicus hollandicus :P ) The gray one is Sinatra and the yellow one doesn't have a name. That's mean, I know, but we just never found a good name for her and we just call her different names, like "the yellow one" :D

Estos son mis dos otros animalitos. Son dos cotorritos llamados ninfas (pajarus gritonus :D ) El gris es macho y se llama Sinatra porque según él, canta. El amarillo es hembra y no tiene nombre oficial pero igual la queremos mucho y le llamamos varias cosas.




AVCr8teur said...

We used to have a grey and a yellow cockatiel too. Unfortunately, when we got a dog, he would harass them so we had to give them away. They grey one we named "Klondike" and the yellow one "Snow" after a program about polar bears we saw on tv.

kecute said...

It's too bad you had to get rid of your birdies. They get scared very easily. By the way, Klondike is a cool name for a pet :o)