Monday, August 20, 2007

Manolo Hamster eats Corn

Manolo is well fed you guys. He loves his Ratatouille croissants so much he can eat a whole one in one day. That's a lot of food! It's like us eating a 4 foot long sub. :D

I took some pictures of him eating corn too. It's a bit difficult to photograph him close up because he's less than 2 inches tall...awwwww! :mrgreen:

Aquí pongo más fotos de Manolo para que vean que está bien alimentado. Le encantan sus panecillos de Ratatouille y el maíz cocinado :o) Si es que vive bien! Es medio difícil hacerle una buena foto de cerca ya que mide como 5 cm.





fossfor said...

he is so sweet!! I like your squirrel photos too :)

wen said...

:) Really cute blog! I like your pictures too. Thanks for dropping by and for your nice comment.

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