Friday, August 31, 2007

Dog chewed Michael Vick cards hot item on ebay

Good doggy!

dogap.jpg AP

These are the most valuable Michael Vick cards on eBay, selling for more than the well-preserved cards from his rookie year. As you may know, Vick is a total loser and a star football player who allegedly abused and even killed dogs he owned for dog-fighting.

Collector Rochelle Steffen of Cape Girardeau, Mo., gave every Vick card she owned to her dogs and let them go to town on the images of the Atlanta Falcons quarterback who is scheduled to plead guilty to a federal dogfighting charge Monday... She [Steffen] plans to donate the winning bid money to the humane society of the bidder's choice. BRIAN CHARLTON AP


Turns out the cards sold for $7,400! Read more here.

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